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Hummus   $7.50

Ground chick peas w/ tahini sauce. served with pita

Taramosalata  $8.95

Red caviar mixed w/ olive oil and lemon juice, served with pita

Dolmadakia   $7.75
Grape leaves stuffed w/ rice and spices, served with tzatziki sauce

Cold Platter   $16.95

Dolmadakia, taramosalata, hummus, skordalia served with pita

Feta Cheese  $8.50

Imported feta cheese with garnish and pita

Tyrokafteri $8.50

feisty feta spread


Served with Greek salad and choice of rice or potatoes


Gyro sliced $18.00
Sliced & season lamb and beef
Chicken Gyro $18.00
Sliced & seasoned chicken
Gyro Combo $19.00

Slices of season lamb & beef gyro & chicken gyro
Souvlaki $18.50

Marinated chunks of pork tenderloin
Chicken Souvlaki $18.00

Marinated chunks of tender chicken
Souvlaki Combo $19.00

Marinated chunks of chicken and pork tenderloin
Loukaniko $18.00

Greek Sausage seasoned with herbs served w/ onion sauce on top
Falafel $

(3) Chick pea patties seasoned with herbs and spices 
Spinach Pie $

Spinach and feta cheese baked in flaky phyllo dough 

Crab Cakes (3) $18.00

Lemon Chicken $18.75

Boneless grilled chicken season with lemon sauce
Chicken Breast Scampi $18.75

Style Boneless chicken served w/ scampi sauce 
Grape Leaves $18.00

Grape stuffed with rice and herbs
Chicken Athenian $19.00

Grilled chicken stuffed w/ spinach & feta topped w/ marinara sauce
Stuffed Chicken Breast W/ Crabmeat $

Top with lemon butter and garlic
Stuffed Chicken Breast W/ Eggplant $19.50

Topped with marinara sauce.
Stuffed Eggplant  $19.95

Stuffed w/ spinach & feta topped w/ mozzarella & marinara sauce
Moussaka $19.95

Layers of potato, chopped meat & eggplant w/ béchamel sauce
Pastitsio $19.95

Pasta & chopped meat w/ béchamel sauce
Shish Kebab $23.95

Souvlaki w/ grilled onions mushrooms peppers & tomatoes




Gyro    $10.00
Sliced seasoned lamb/beef, lettuce, tomato, onions & yogurt sauce​​

​Chicken Gyro   $10.00
Sliced seasoned chicken, lettuce, tomato, onions & yogurt sauce​​

​Souvlaki   $10.35
Marinated pork tenderloin, lettuce, tomato, onions & yogurt sauce​​

​​Chicken Souvlaki   $10.00
Marinated chicken tenders, lettuce, tomato, onions & yogurt sauce​​

​Garden Sandwich   $9.00
Greek salad-lettuce, cucumbers, feta, tomato, onions & yogurt sauce​​


​Falafel   $10.00
Fried chick pea patties, lettuce, tomato, onions &

yogurt sauce or tahini​​


​Crab Cake Sandwich   $10.50

lettuce & tomato


Hummus Sandwich   $10.00

lettuce & tomato


All complete dinner specials include a Greek salad, choice of rice, oven potatoes or french fries and your choice of dessert & coffee


*Chopped Steak  $23.50

Served with sautéed onions
*Lamb Chops  $32.50

(5) served with mint jelly

*Pork Chops  $26.00

(2) served with applesauce or yogurt sauce

*Sausage & Peppers Mediterranean  $25.00

Falafel  $23.00

with grilled vegetables

Stuffed Mushrooms   $23.50

with crabmeat

Eggplant Parmesan  $23.50

layers of tasty eggplant, mozzarella & marinara sauce

Stuffed Shrimp  $25.95

(3) with crabmeat

Fried Shrimp (5)   $25.95

Shrimp Scampi  $25.95

sautéed shrimp in scampi sauce 

Chicken & Shrimp Scampi  $26.00

a combination of chicken & shrimp in scampi sauce

Shrimp Francese (5)  $25.95

Coconut Shrimp (5) $26.00

butterflied shrimp coated in toasted coconut

Calamari  $24.00

Fried Flounder  $25.00

Broiled Flounder  $25.00

Stuffed Flounder  $25.95

one stuffed with crabmeat or one stuffed with spinach and feta topped with lemon, butter and garlic

*Broiled Salmon  $26.00

Cajun Chicken  $22.00

grilled chicken with Cajun spices

Chicken & Broccoli  $24.00

marinated chicken served with broccoli

Coconut Chicken  $24.50

boneless chicken coated with toasted coconut

Chicken Francese  $24.50

chicken served with a francese style sauce

Chicken Parmesan  $23.95

chicken cutlets with mozzarella and marinara sauce


​Pita topped with melted mozzarella

​Tomato & Feta  $9.95

Spinach & Feta   $9.95

Eggplant & Tomato Sauce $9.95 

Gyro  $9.95

Chicken Gyro   $9.95   

Pita Melt  $6.50

tomato sauce & melted mozzarella

Gyro & Vegetable Melt  $11.75

broccoli, tomato, mushrooms & onion


​​Served with your choice of Greek salad french fries rice or potatoes and a small soda.  Age 12 and under please

Hot Dog​   $7.50

Grilled Cheese​   $8.00

Gyro ​  $9.50

Chicken Gyro​   $9.50

Tuna Salad​   $9.50
Chicken Salad $9.50
Pita Pizza​   $8.50
Chicken Fingers​  $9.50



​*Deluxe includes Greek salad or fries

Hamburger   $9.75

Hamburger Deluxe  $12.50

Cheeseburger  $10.50

Cheeseburger Deluxe   $12.75

Turkey Burger   $10.50
Turkey Burger Deluxe $12.95
Pizza Burger   $10.50
Pizza Burger Deluxe   $13.00​​

Baklava   $6.00

Walnuts and honey baked in a flaky phyllo dough
Homemade Rice Pudding   $4.75

Creamy and Delicious

Galactobourico  $6.95

Custard baked in phyllo dough and topped with honey​​

Cheesecake   $6.00
Chocolate Cake   $6.00
Greek Yogurt (8oz)w/Honey & Nuts   $8.00 
Greek Yogurt (8oz)w/Greek Sour Cherries   $8.00